Training and Development and Needs Assessment

With various issues and changes facing organizations there has been an increasing demand for training. Implementing employee training and development are part of good management and motivation. Organizations need to enable their employees to realize their full potential and increase productivity and efficiency.

Through our training facilitation and support we show people what’s possible and coach them on how to get there.

Reasons why your business may have a need for training and development

Executive & Management Development

The basic design of a coaching program is one-on-one interaction, specifically tailored to meet the individual manager's particular requirements. The coach knows the right questions to ask, which allows the manager to discover the best solutions.

The coaching program takes place over time, not in a concentrated training class, so new behavior takes hold. The coach is an objective observer who communicates with empathy to promote confidence and personal growth

Coaching & Counseling

Employee coaching provides positive feedback about employee contributions to the organizations. Coaching can produce a productive environment for an organization's team members, removing barriers and boundaries to collaboration. Coaching employees facilitates effective communication throughout the organization.

Regular coaching brings performance issues to an employee's attention when they are minor, and assists the employee to correct them.

The Essence of Great Coaching

Client's Role

Coach's Role

Presenting issues Staying objective and detached
Developing rapport and openness Setting the agenda
Identifying the real issues Building trust, openness and honesty
Developing a strategic vision Asking the right questions
Getting involved Empathetic questioning and reflecting
Taking ownership of change Identifying the key forces of influence
Changing behavior Prompting commitment and action
Willingness to explore deeper issues Supporting courageous action
Practicing new behaviors Illustrating through storytelling
Learning new confidence Challenging not threatening
Issue resolution and closure Holding the client accountable
Practicing self-coaching Celebrating successes


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