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Compensation carries the loudest message that companies send to their employees. How pay and incentive plans are structured tells employees what the company values most, and where employees should focus their attention to achieve personal success. Effective compensation is a major factor in attracting and retaining key staff. It protects your business from the loss of valuable, trained employees.

Pay programs need to be designed well and maintained to assure competitiveness. We offer experience and knowledge to create a pay program that is positioned correctly in the external market, and applies dollars to reflect internal equity and individual employee performance.

Pay Competitively In Your Market

We can help you determine appropriate levels of compensation for jobs in your organization, relative to the external market in which your company competes. Manage your compensation strategy so that you pay your employees correctly for the value of their job. It makes good business sense.

Linking Compensation to Results - Get Your Employees Engaged In Their Jobs

Compensate employee for their performance. Identify top performers and reward them appropriately. We can assist by developing performance assessment and management tools.

Leverage Variable Compensation

Maximize your return on your compensation dollar by directing pay to where it pays off most for your company. Make sure your employees know what performance you value the most. We can help you get your employees engaged so they will maximize their performance.


Incentives need to be designed very carefully and monitored to assure that they produce the desired results. Maximize your return on your compensation dollar by directing pay to where it pays off most for your company.

Manage your variable compensation so that you pay your employees for doing what you want.

Set Objectives That Increase Revenue, Margins

Reward employees for doing things that increase profits, which then pay for the incentive programs. Link rewards to performance for maximum impact.

Sales Incentives and Commission Plans

We help our clients to compensate their sales staff in a way that drives sales where they want them, and motivates sales staff to go beyond targets. Design programs that align employee rewards with company success by rewarding results that directly support company strategic needs.

Job Evaluation and Pay Administration

Human Resources Consulting with AlternaSolutions

Understanding the relative internal value of the company's jobs is the starting point for equitable pay programs and matching jobs to the external market. It is the basis for administering pay when planning for promotions, annual adjustments and daily salary administration.

Evaluating Jobs

Job evaluation is one of our strengths, based on many years of experience. We use tools that compare a variety of universal factors that enable us to determine the relative value of each job in the organization. This becomes the basis for developing a pay structure that reflects the company's operational structure.


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