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Pay Equity legislation addresses pay discrimination against female employees. The law requires that all employers pay female employees equally to their male employees for doing work of equal value. All employers with 10 or more employees must analyze their pay practices to positively identify and correct any discrimination.


The Pay Equity Act of Québec was passed into law on November 20, 1996. Québec employers who fall within the regulations of the Act must have completed their obligations as of Dec 31, 2010. Employers with 10 or more employees in Québec had to comply within a period of five years after the original Act was passed into law, i.e. by November 20, 2001. To date many private companies in Québec still have not done what the Act requires, and need to comply as soon as possible.

What Needs To Be Done

Complying with the Act requires approaches that are new to many managers, particularly owners and operators of small businesses. The Act, however, does set out the elements of a process in some detail, and AlternaSolutions has available both software tools and advice to assist clients throughout the process.

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The Act recognizes that there are many stakeholders interested in the outcome of the process. Therefore it mandates that a Pay Equity Plan be developed. You may need to create a Pay Equity Committee and post a formal Plan. Companies with fewer than 50 employees must go through the Pay Equity process but need not post a formal Plan. However they must post the results and changes they plan to make.


In all cases, we can propose and assist in developing a communications approach concerning the posting of the information to your employees.

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Understanding the Act

The Pay Equity Acts in Ontario and Québec are a little different, and each has requirements that require careful thought.

Managing the Project

Pay Equity usually requires companies to undertake an analysis project to assure that they do not have any systemic discrimination.

Maintaining the Plan

Pay Equity is not a one-time effort. The basics must be maintained in the future, since the Acts are intended to provide a permanent level playing field.

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Gazette Pay Equity Warning January 19, 2011

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