Should HR be split in 2?

An article from the Canadian HR Reporter by Sarah Dobson

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Keeping morale, engagement up when bonuses, raises take a tumble.

An article from the Canadian HR Reporter by Margot Uson

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Networking Gets the Jobs

Finding a job can be tough! Here is a chart demonstrating the best techniques to build your network.

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B.C. to have Family Day as of 2013

British Columbia will join three other provinces in celebrating Family Day, according to the provincial government. The new provincial statutory holiday will be celebrated on the third Monday of every February, however, it won’t be introduced until Feb. 18, 2013, in recognition of the time employers will need to adjust to the new holiday.

Tips for Making Yourself Recession-Proof at Work

Source: 2009

Job Hunting Tips for Workers Who Have Been Laid Off

First impressions count for managers

Welcome to the firm. Here’s your employee manual, that’s your desk and this is John, your cubicle mate. If there’s anything else you need, be sure to ask. See you around.

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Is it time to reassess your job search plan?

It's easy to get frustrated with your job search, especially if you've been searching for a while. But not making headway can mean that you need to reassess your approach.

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Integrating and Engaging New Recruits

A new Canadian study published in the Journal of Managerial Psychology shows the value of structured approaches to orientation (induction) training and mentoring.

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How to create a career path

As a wise person once observed, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." An employee who doesn't take time to look at where he is and where he wants to be runs the risk of overlooking opportunities, spinning in his tracks and never quite feeling that he has control over his own destiny.

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Your Obligations as an Employer on Voting Day

By law, all eligible voters are entitled to have three consecutive hours to vote during the voting hours on Election Day. As an employer, you must provide your eligible employees with three consecutive hours to cast their vote.

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Salary Increase Projections for 2011

Budgeting involves estimating where salaries are headed in the external market and planning to remain competitive.

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Management takes on more, with help from HR

Economic realities have forced many HR departments to undergo a dramatic transformation. As they are not direct profit centers, many organizations short-sightedly see HR departments as a good place to start when right-sizing business. Others have taken a more subtle approach and allowed HR departments to shrink through attrition.

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Minimize the Flu and Keep your Company Functioning

The current HINI flu virus has caused a number of people to become sick but is unlikely to reach pandemic proportions if people are prepared and take reasonable precautions. There are a number of things that employers and employees can do to provide added protection.

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Things to Consider Before Reducing Your Workforce

Anyone who has read the news lately knows all about the ongoing series of downsizings and cutbacks in our workforce. Each day there are new predictions that have many employers on edge trying to decide whether to lay off employees. These same employers need to consider the alternatives.

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Termination Pay Considerations for Commissioned Employees in Canada

Figuring out an employee’s entitlements upon termination can be tricky in Canada.

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Strategies to Reduce Turnover

We invite you to view a short powerpoint presentation on “Ways to reduce turnover and improve employee satisfaction”.

We Can't Keep New Employess After We Hire And Train Them. What's Wrong?

By: Margot Uson

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In the News...

Here is what the media has written about AlternaSolutions.

To give or not to give? That's the office question.

“Karen Mallett has heard plenty of stories over the years about workplace gift-giving gone awry. The one that stands out...” Read full article by Diane Sewell of the Globe and Mail PDF logo

Did you know...


Here are the programs that have been used in recent months to attract and keep people, According to a WorldatWork study of about 2,720 companies of various sizes.

Sign-on/hiring bonus

64 percent

Employee referral bonus

63 percent

Market adjustments/increase to base salary

60 percent

Spot bonus (individual)

43 percent

Retention/stay bonus

30 percent

Paying above market

28 percent

Stock option program

25 percent

Special cash bonus/group incentives (not organization-wide)

19 percent

Project milestone/completion bonus

17 percent

Exempt overtime pay or time off

15 percent

Separate salary structures

12 percent

Stock grant programs

10 percent

Larger merit increase budgets

9 percent

Paid sabbaticals

3 percent

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